The Eufaula Art Scene (EAS) aims to foster, boost, and endorse all forms of creative arts within Eufaula and the nearby regions. The EAS collaborates with artists and organizations to coordinate cultural activities. Every year, the Eufaula Art Scene allocates funds for the Project/Event Grant Program that supports local presentations of cultural projects and events, enriching the community.

The Project/Event grants provided in this guideline aim to encourage and promote cultural and educational activities associated with the arts in Eufaula and its surrounding areas.

The maximum amount awarded for this grant is $1,000, but lesser amounts may also be granted.

This grant does not require any matching amount.

Each application will undergo an evaluation process based on established criteria and historical precedents. The availability of designated funds and specific allocations will determine the number and extent of these grants.

2023 Art Scene Grants

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